Over the Counter Wart Removal Products

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There are many types of wart removal procedures available in present times from those that are done at the clinic to those done within the comforts of our homes. At home wart removal procedures are increasing in popularity as they are less expensive than those done at the doctor’s chamber and can be done within the comforts of our own homes. So if you are thinking of getting your warts removed at home you are likely to be looking for a good over the counter wart removal product.

Over-the counter wart removers are available at all retail stores like grocery stores, drug stores, health and beauty stores and departmental stores. One of the biggest advantages of buying over –the-counter wart removers is that you can get them without a doctor’s prescription. They are not only easily available but are relatively affordable. You will get a variety of options while buying over the counter wart removers from medicated bandages to freeze-off formulas.

Freeze-off wart removers are perhaps the most popular type of wart remover currently available for sale. There are made by a number of different product manufacturers. Freeze-off wart removers are available in different prices and are generally affordable. Apart from freeze-off wart removers medicated bandages are also in popular demand. Medicated bandages are cheaper than freeze-off wart removal formulas. They take slightly longer time to work for eg. 2 weeks to a month. The price will depend on the size of the package you wish to buy. A standard box will cost you around three to five dollars. Wartol liquid is one of the best over the counter wart removal products. You can read reviews of Wartrol on the internet. There are many reviews of Wartrol which answers does Wartrol really work or not.

Salicyclic acid is frequently used in most over the counter products. It is a medication known as a “keratolytic.” It dissolves the protein or keratin that makes up most of the wart and the thick, dead skin that surrounds the wart. Once it breaks down the protein the wart falls off naturally and disappears.

Though all the wart removing products have the same concept you may still find difference in the products. So its advisable to do a bit of research and find out more about the product. Reading online product reviews can also be of help. Many online websites including online retail stores act as a platform where consumers can rate a product. Since home wart removal is on the rise you can go through product reviews online. You may come across a few negative comments but remember there is a difference between few and a bunch of them.

Whatever treatment you choose to do at home you must ensure certain hygiene measures to prevent the spread of infection. You must properly wash your hands before or after  directly touching the wart.  Always use a separate towel to dry the area where the wart is to prevent spread of germs to other parts of the body. Pharmacists should specify proper use and duration of OTC wart removal products. Results are seen maximum within the second week of therapy followed by complete wart removal occurring within 4 to 12 weeks of therapy. You should seek advice from your primary health care provider if your wart is not cured after 12 weeks of therapy.